Wordpress Maintenance

Why put your website on a WordPress Maintenance Plan? 


After you launch your WordPress website we recommend to setup your site on a maintenance plan, where we check in on the site a few times each month to make sure that your plugins, theme, and WordPress core are updated and compatible with the site. We also check and monitor other items as noted below.

Hackers are getting better and better these days, so it’s super important to keep the site updated. Websites we build are secure, but if we don’t keep things updated, it’s like leaving the door open with a security system armed.

Safe Plugin & Theme Updates

Not updating your plugins, theme, and wordpress is like having your house armed with a security system but leaving the door open. That’s why we stress keeping your site updated. If an update breaks your site we roll back the update immediately and troubleshoot the update.

Enhanced Security

We add enhanced security to your website which includes a full firewall with login protection, 404 detection, IP banning, audit logging, and many other security tweaks such as disabling trackbacks and pingbacks, XML RPC, Prevent user enumeration and more.

Uptime Monitoring

Our uptime monitor will report your site as down when it takes 30+ seconds to load your homepage. Your host may report your site as online, but as far as user experience goes, slow page speeds are bad practice. We’ll respond immediately to any notices.

Malware Scanning

We regularly scan inside all of the files in the WordPress Core, Plugins & Themes for any suspicious code. We’ll be notified of any issues typically before any users see the problem on the website and we’ll fix the malware and work to patch the issue so it doesn’t happen again.

Performance Audits

We’ll regularly do a performance test on the site to see how google rates how well your site performs. We’ll then work through those details to get your site optimization to perform it’s best based on the sites requirements.

Site Caching & Optimization

We’ll add some advanced caching and optimization to your wordpress website which include things like minify and combine CSS & Javascript, load javascript deferred, image compression and lazy loading, and more.

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Gavin Dilkes
Gavin Dilkes
“We sat down and discussed exactly what we wanted to achieve from a new site and how we wanted it t look to reflect our company. Shaun gave me realistic timescales for his work, and then got started. He kept us involved all the way through and was very good at sticking to the timescales that he had set. We couldn't be happier with the new site. It is much more user-friendly for both front end and back end users! Well done!”
Graham Laurence
Graham Laurence
“Shaun did a tremendous job for me when I left my previous PLC employment and set up an advisory business. He provided the creative spark to help design my logo, creating a consistent identity and to design/get me live on the web. This included templates for stationery, business cards. thank you cards, compliments slips etc and incorporated an ingenious watermark of my logo on the back of everything including a powerpoint presentation template. Good value, personable, creative and good at what he does I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shaun to contacts/clients.”
Paul Kaerger
Paul Kaerger
“I asked Shaun to update my brand to reflect the changes to the target clients I had and to give my website a refresh. His approach was engaging, 2-way and creative ... and it really helped me focus on the sort of clients I wanted to reach. I love the logo, and I love the website he developed. Highly recommended.”
Emily du Feu
Emily du Feu
“I have hired Idee to help me with numerous corporate identity projects. Idee has helped me to visually transform many struggling companies into now very successful brands. Idee has always been on hand to help, is great at listening and understanding what the client wants, very approachable, very knowledgeable on what we could do, and what I found paramount is reliable and trustworthy. All the clients I have used Idee with have been very happy with the outcome - and have proven results that good design sells!”
Peter Tribe
Peter Tribe
“Shaun is an innovative and resourceful individual that will always deliver what is required and expected by customers and associates. I would recommend him and his company for all design or graphic requirements.”

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